Unlock the PLC technology you already own!

Controls DesignJ. Y. Engineering specializes in improving industrial machines and processes which utilize Allen-Bradley® PLCs and HMIs. We analyze your code, fix what ails it, and add features that you want - no matter who built it, how well it currently works, how many different models of PLCs or HMIs you have, or what level of documentation you may have to support it. We're unaware of any independent firm in New England who's been doing this longer and more effectively than us. We've done over 2000 successful small improvement projects in the past 30 years.

Replace Your PLC? Not Always

We don't normally replace control systems, we maximize what you already have, unlocking existing potential of which you may not be aware. We have upgraded installed processors or HMIs when they are seriously obsolescent, most commonly replacing 16-bit PLC5s with 32-bit ControlLogix processors while retaining most of the 16-bit field I/O.

Typical Control Issues We Repair

Processes that stop & lockup and require an E-Stop Reset to clear may be the most-hated issue of all. Usually a combination of electrical and softrware issues, we find and eliminate these.

Intermittent process bugs cause you headaches at random times. We overcome these by studying the code in conjunction with observing your process and talking to to your operators.

Machines which stop but do not provide a reason why are frustrating. We call these "mystery stops" and have been on a 30-year crusade to wipe them out.

"Auto modes" which don't work can always be fixed. Do your operators prefer to run things in Manual because the auto sequence isn't reliable?

Software that your staff has trouble understanding can cause them to balk at using it or trying to add features. We can reverse-engineer virtually any PLC code, explain it to your staff, and re-write it if necessary.

Unstable analog loops (level, temperature, flow, etc) can be tuned and cascaded where appropriate.

Confusing or incomplete HMI screens can be improved so that color and data make them easy to understand.

OEM equipment doesn't necessarily require the manufacturer to come help you with issues. We handle lots of OEM systems once they run out of warranty and often provide better results.

Innovative improvements

We are frequently commissioned to add new features to OEM equipment which then become proprietary for the end user. Some typical examples include:

First-fault detection of line or machine stoppage with shift statistics, organized and displayed by pareto-chart in real time on your choice of HMI platforms including PanelView+ or RSView. No separate SCADA system required!

Creation of graphical display of contents in the hidden parts of your process, such as ovens or freezers, typically utilizing only 2 digital devices and your existing HMI. This is very helpful for downstream staff to know when "gaps" may have occurred so that they can leave their stations briefly.

Color-coordicated HMI screens are less common than they ought to be. We work with whatever color scheme you prefer, but in general we use green for "on" or "OK", yellow for warning, and red for fault or alarm. Using this simple improvement can allow your staff and managerment to simply 'walk by' when their screen is all-green.

Control Platforms

Rockwell Automation and their Allen-Bradley family of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are our specialty, whether you're using the MicroLogix™, CompactLogix™, or ControlLogix® 5000 families of controllers. We also have extensive experience in older models such as SLC™ 500 and PLC-5® controllers.

For human machine interface (HMI) we are very experienced in FactoryTalk® View, PlantPAx®, and PanelView™ Plus, as well as older models such as PanelView™, RSView® 32, InView, and ControlView. We also have experience with WonderWare™ InTouch™ and ArchestrA™ Graphics.

For PLC network connectivity we are experienced in Ethernet/IP™ as well as older networks such as Data Highway Plus (DH+), DH-485, and Universal Remote I/O (RIO).

Industries served

We have focused primarily on the food, chemical, and assembly industries. Our client list is very short and contains current and former industry-leading companies. 90% of our business has come from these companies, each of which has retained us for 3 years or longer:

Some of the many processes we have repeat experience with:

About us

JY at workJ.Y. Engineering, Inc., is a Massachusetts corporation founded in 1989 by principal engineer Joseph A. Yanikoski, PE, and his wife Pat who is the office manager. Joe earned his BSEE from the University of Notre Dame and spent his early career learning controls design at Polaroid Corporation where virtually all equipment was built in-house. His mathematics degree from Stonehill College enables him to understand and develop complex algorithms when necessary and his MBA from WPI provides business acumen that surpasses most engineers and programmers.

The company has taken on employees or sub-contractors from time to time but primarily offers Joe's expert services.

We do not sell equipment or build panels, although we have worked with many local panel builders and electrical shops. Our focus centers on PLC & HMI software and configuration.

We primarily serve the Boston metropolitan area but will travel wherever the need is. We are priced competitively - always below Rockwell® field engineers - so you are assured of getting experience at a good value.

Contact information

Please call or email Joe to discuss your application!

Telephone: 781-608-4392

email: joeyanikoski@jy-engineering.com

Mail: 39 Mary's Way, Stoughton, MA 02072-2227